Terms and Conditions

1. What is an Emerging Artist?

The churchie national emerging art prize Committee regards artists who meet the following criteria to be ‘emerging artists’:

  • Has specialised training in his/her field, not necessarily gained in an institution.
  • Is at an early stage of pursuing a career as a professional artist.
  • Is deemed by the selection panel to be suitable for entry in accordance with ‘the churchie’ purposes.
  • If necessary, the panel can consult with industry colleagues as to the suitability of the applicant.

2. Who can Enter?

To qualify, an entrant to ‘the churchie’ must:

  • Be 18 years of age or over.
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.  An entrant may be required to provide the Committee with proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency status.
  • Be an emerging artist.

3. Artwork Submissions

  • An artist may submit up to 3 works in total per exhibition year.
  • $50 entry fee for the submission of up to 3 works.

Media Areas can include but are not restricted to:

  • 'the churchie' accepts submissions across all visual and fine art forms.

4. Restrictions on works being entered

There are some restrictions governing the works that can be submitted.

  • Works submitted must have been completed in the twelve months prior to the opening date of the exhibition and be the original work of the artist.
  • A work entered in another competition or award is disqualified from entry in ‘the churchie’.
  • The maximum size of an artwork is 250(h) X 250(w) X 250(d) centimetres or time-based media a maximum duration of 30 minutes.
  • Gallerists are welcome to submit an application on behalf of an artist.
  • This clause relates to ‘the churchie’s’ requirement that all finalists works are for sale, and should an artwork be sold during an exhibition, the artist places the selection process at risk.

5. Entry Process

Following are the criteria required when entering the prize:

  • All entries will only be accepted via the on-line entry facility of ‘the churchie’.
  • All applicants must have an email address as all correspondence will be by email.
  • The entrance fee of $50 is non-refundable and it is only after payment is processed that the website will send a confirmation email to the applicant. 
  • An entrant can pay on-line with a credit card. An image of the work to be submitted can be uploaded at this time.
  • All entries must be received on or before the closing date for applications specified in the ‘Exhibition Summary’. The application facility of ‘the churchie’ website will be unavailable after this date.
  • There are to be no changes to applications after the closing date.
  • All images must be a .jpg file (less than 2MB) and be of the work in its entirety. Image files are to be titled in the following format: Surname_Firstname_Title.
  • All entries containing moving image components must upload a ‘still’ to the website, and provide links to viewable files by Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Selected finalists will be required to supply a high res (300dpi) .jpg file of their artwork.
  • The artist statement and propositional ideas will contain no more than 300 words each.
  • An artist may be required to provide additional information in connection with an application or a work submitted. Failure to provide the additional information may result in rejection of the application or the work.

6. If your work is selected

General agreements:

  • A work selected for entry must be made available for display and for sale at ‘the churchie’ during the entire period of the exhibition.
  • Substitutes for a selected artwork will not be accepted without prior discussion with ‘the churchie’.
  • Percentage commission levied on sales of artworks: 25% if the work is submitted by an unrepresented artist or 10% if the work is submitted and entry fee paid by a gallery represented artist.
  • A work sold prior to the exhibition may, at the discretion of the Selection Panel, remain in the exhibition and be judged by the Judge/s only if an amount equivalent to the commission which would have been payable (listed above) is paid to ‘the churchie’ prior to the judging of selected works. 
  • If during the period of the exhibition an artist decides to withdraw a selected work from sale, the artist must pay to ‘the churchie’ an amount equivalent to the commission (listed above). ‘the churchie’ may retain the work until the commission is paid.
  • The commission specified (listed above) is payable to ‘the churchie’ in respect of each work sold during the exhibition. The commission will be deducted from the sale price for the work prior to any payment being made to the artist.
  • QUT Art Museum will cover insurance of the works while on display to the public and during transportation where such transport is organised by QUT Art Museum. Requirements will be discussed with artists upon selection for exhibition. Artists must ensure that work is adequately packed for transportation.
  • Artists whose work is selected for the exhibition, authorise and agree to permit ‘the churchie’ Committee and/or its agents (namely the Anglican Church Grammar School, and/or the prize and exhibition venue partners) to publish their names on the website, to photograph the work and publish the photographs, and/or to publish and communicate images provided by artists and/or their agents in order to promote ‘the churchie’ and future exhibitions, and for educational purposes. These permissions acknowledge that the artist remains the copyright holder and reproductions will be compliant with Copyright Act 1968 and subsequent amendments. Free and independent legal advice can be sought from the following websites: Arts Law Centre of Australia (www.artslaw.com.au) and Australian Copyright Council (www.copyright.org.au).
  • Finalists may be invited to engage with the Churchie School community. This may manifest itself in a wide variety of formats to be agreed between the school and the artist.
  • The selling price of a piece of work entered in ‘the churchie’ is determined at the time of submission and cannot be altered. For video work this price must include screen rights. Please check your entry carefully.
  • Entrants warrant that they are the copyright owner of the artworks submitted with the entry and he or she indemnifies ‘the churchie’ committee and/or their agent for any breach of infringement or copyright.

7. Delivery and Hanging Criteria

The following must be adhered to:

  • Selected works must be delivered to QUT Art Museum, 2 George Street, Brisbane by Tuesday 16th AUGUST 2016.
  • All works must be clearly marked with the artist's name and address.
  • All artworks must be exhibition-ready including suitably mounted, framed or otherwise prepared for display.
  • Works involving complex installations may be carried out by the artist if required.

8. Collection Criteria

What you must do after the churchie:

  • Unsold works will be packed and ready for dispatch from QUT Art Museum on Wednesday 16 November.
  • Cheques for works sold at ‘the churchie’ will be made payable to the artists and posted within one week of the close of ‘the churchie’.

9. The Selection Panel

How deciding on finalists works:

  • Each year three persons will be appointed to the Selection Panel.
  • The Selection Panel will review and assess all applications received, and will decide which works will be exhibited as finalists in ‘the churchie’.
  • Amongst other things, works will be selected on the basis of:
    Compliance with the entry criteria / The quality of the work(s) submitted / Agreement by the Selection Panel.
  • Finalists will be notified by email at least 6 weeks prior to the opening of ‘the churchie’. 

How it works:

  • Each year, one or more persons will be appointed to select the finalists, exhibited in ‘the churchie’. The judge/s will choose the overall prize winner of ‘the churchie’ for the year, and the recipients of special commendation awards.
  • The decision of the Selection Panel and the Judge/s is final.

10. The Prizes

What you will receive:

  • The prize winner of ‘the churchie’ will receive a prize to the value specified in the ‘Prize Summary’ donated by the prize sponsor also named in the ‘Prize Summary’. The prize in non-acquisitive.
  • Two special commendation prizes to the value specified in the ‘Prize Summary’ each given by the Committee to those finalists found suitable by the judge.
  • The prize winner and recipients of up to two special commendation prizes will be announced at the Official Opening + Prize Announcement.
  • Certificates will also be presented to the winner and special commendation recipients.