the churchie national emerging art prize

Finalists 2014:

  • Alair Pambegan
  • Anna Carey
  • Archer Davies
  • Brent Wilson +Gabriella Szablewska
  • Caitlin Franzmann
  • Carol McGregor
  • Catherine or Kate Sagin or Woodcroft
  • Clare Rae
  • Clark Beaumont
  • Claudia Moodoonuthi
  • Claudia Greathead
  • Daisy Kate Lewis
  • Daniel McKewen
  • David Creed + David Spooner
  • Eric Demetriou
  • Gerwyn Davies
  • Guy Lobwein
  • Hayley Megan French
  • Jacqueline Bawtree
  • Justine Varga
  • Kate Beckingham
  • Kate McKay
  • Kate Tucker
  • Katherine Savage
  • Lee Lombardi
  • Louise Bennett
  • Michaela Gleave
  • Samuel Scoufos
  • Sarah Poulgrain
  • Svetlana Bailey
  • Zoe Croggon

2014 Winner: Caitlin Franzmann Magical Thinking, cards (A5 colour prints of original collages), card table and two stools.

Caitlin Franzmann - 2014 Winner
b. 1979 Gympie, Queensland

Magical Thinking 2014
Pack of 24 divination cards (A5 colour prints of original collages), card table and two stools. 
Dimensions variable

Caitlin Franzmann’s Magical Thinking provides a space and moment for gallery visitors to slow down and reflect on their lives. Through random symbology, chance and intuitive interpretations the divination cards and personal readings act as a tool for accessing the subconscious and processing emotion and thought. ‘Through encouraging personal interpretation, the “divinee” is asked to question spiritual doctrines and coded meanings,’ says Franzmann. ‘The readings are an invitation to strengthen ones faith and trust inwards.’

Caitlin Franzmann is a Brisbane-based artist who has had four solo exhibitions in Brisbane and Istanbul (2012–14) as well as 12 group exhibitions in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Yogyakarta over the same period. She recently experienced artist residencies in Istanbul (at ‘torna’, supported by Asialink) and Yogyakarta (The Instrument Builders Project 2).

 Clark Beaumont - Highly Commended
Sarah Clark b. 1991 Brisbane, Queensland

Nicole Beaumont b. 1990 Penrith, New South Wales

Waiting for Barcelona 2014
HD video  4 minutes 30 seconds

Sarah Poulgrain - Highly Commended
b. 1992 Brisbane, Queensland

Self Portrait 2013
Oil on photograph, pine, plasticine and clear vinyl


Entries Open

24 April - 22 May 2015

Exhibition Dates

31 July - 29 August 2015

Griffith University Art Gallery

226 Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane
Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 4pm